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Lasun, Toungara, Kanmoh, Dias named as Deputy Speakers Featured

Honourable Yusuf Sulaimon Lasun of Nigeria was unanimously nominated by the Nigerian delegation and elected First Deputy Speaker in recognition of Nigeria’s size and contribution to the Parliament. Honourable Aminata Kamara Toungara of Cote d’Ivoire emerged the Second Deputy Speaker after similarly being nominated unopposed by the Ivorian delegation while the Gambian delegation dropped their nomination for Honourable Jefferson Kanmoh of Liberia as the Third Deputy Speaker.

Shortly before a vote was due to begin, Honourable Filomena de Fatima Ribeiro Viera Martins stepped down for fellow compatriot from Cape Verde, Honourable Orlando Pereira Dias for the position of Fourth Deputy Speaker.

Honourable Filomena Martins revealed that she stepped down for Honourable Orlando “out of respect for delegates from other countries” who had persuaded her to withdraw from the race.

The Speaker commended those who made it possible for the Bureau to be formed without having to hold elections and specifically mentioned Honourable Filomena Martins’ action, which he said resonated with his inaugural speech that advocated consensus over divisive votes.

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